S & Q Mart 



S & Q Mart 

S&Q Mart was founded as a development project of Industrialization Fund for Developing Countries with the technical support of FORCE Technology, a member of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences.
Quality Surveillance Inspections and Expediting Services are performed by the qualified inspectors, with international approvals, such as

Welding Engineers, EWE, IWE

Welding Inspectors, CSWIP
Painting Inspectors,
Non Destructive Testing Experts, EN 473, SNT TC-1A and/or special approvals of the clients, such as Bechtel-GSG, Aramco, etc.

Measurement results are used as tools for decision making. In industrial scenario, measurement results are used to make decisions on product acceptance. 
Measurement results are also used to improve the quality of the products or processes. 
Similarly, in a testing laboratory the measurement results help to decide, whether the product characteristics are as required.

A measurement result is considered valid if the measuring equipment is calibrated. ”Calibration” is defined as verification of the capability of the measuring instrument traceable to the national / international standards.

With well-equipped laboratories and qualified experts, S&Q Mart provides, following “traceable” calibration services in the laboratories and on site.
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